Reviews and Feedback

Thanks for everything. The service went above and beyond. Thanks again, we really appreciate it and look forward to working with you again in the future.

Sarah Steffe
ALTHEA Business Development Coordinator”

Dear Avant-Garde Global,
My position at Burnham Institute is scheduling invited speakers, domestic and international for our Formal Seminar Series. The speakers that travel here are at the top
of their field in science and it is an honor for Burnham Institute to have them visit and speak here. We want to make their visit and accommodations as comfortable and professional as possible and since I started using Avant Garde Limousine the service has been exceptional.

I look forward to working with Avant Garde Limousine in the future. Please give my thanks for the professionalism which has been shown by each of your drivers.

Again, thank you for making my job easier!

Have a great day,

Collette Beaton
Formal Seminar Coordinator
Burnham Institute for Medical Research”

Dear Avant-Garde Global Transportation:
On behalf of the Scripps Research Institute, and visiting guests from the scientific community, thank you for your consistent service of excellence!


Floriska Chizer
Coordinating Administrative Assistant
Molecular & Integrative Neurosciences
The Scripps Research Institute”

Hi Avant Garde,
I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that I love Avant- Garde's FASTTRAK on-line booking tool! This tool has exceeded my expectations. My day is typically very busy with the travel demand, and because I work alone, my time is very valuable. I coordinate business travel, and changes to schedules are a common occurrence.

FASTTRAK makes it so easy to change/modify reservations. I also love how you can keep track of future bookings, and refer back to past bookings for receipts which tend to
always be the case for my clients. I love the feature that saves all the information pertinent to each customer. I am only recently aware that I can book any city in the country on FASTTRAK, so I can book all arrivals and departures for my customer with the same company. This eliminates all the phone calls to the different companies, and keeps things consistent.

I also want to let you know that your staff is so friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They handle everything with a sense of urgency, and I appreciate their dedication to their job. Thanks for introducing me to this tool. This has helped me be more efficient and effective in my job. Talk to you soon.


Maria Uht
Business Travel Counselor American Express Business Travel”